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Looking for Whitby Real Estate Agents? Well, that’s a very good decision since you have decided to buy a home or sell your home in the Whitby, Ontario area.

This article will tell you a little about the town Whitby, ON and if you are buying a new or resell homes in Whitby, you will se why it is a good idea to buy a home in Whitby, ON, Canada.

Find Whitby Real Estate Agents to Live in the Best Town In Durham

Whitby is known as the business district of Durham, Ontario. When you take exit form highway 401 on the Brock Street to enter Whitby, you will see around downtown area, it says Whitby, Durham's Business District. So you see, Whitby ON is he best town in the entire Durham ON region for business. While there are other major towns in the Durham, ON area that have moderate amount of population, Whitby, ON is known to be the best town ever to live and to do business in within this region. So you looking for Whitby Real Estate Agents is certainly a great idea.

Whitby, ON Population

According to the last census, Whitby, ON population was around 100k. however, that was an old census and since then, Whitby, ON population doubled, if not tripled. Lots of new homes are being built in this town making this town the fastest growing town in the entire Durham, ON region.

Massive Developments are Underway in Whitby, ON

Massive projects like Country Lane, Whitby where city permit was issued for construction of 6,000 new homes is in progress by Andrin Homes and Heathwood Homes at Last. This country lane, Whitby new homes project is the centre of attention in new Whitby, ON development as this is the prime area of the town.

Previously the project was a home for the most prominent golf course called Country Lane Golf Course but was later sold to the developers where 6,000 new homes are being built. All the land has been leveled and stick markers have been placed already. Sales office is being setup as we speak and coming spring 2016, sales office will open their door where people will be lining up for the booking of a Whitby, ON new homes for sale bookings. So if you are looking for Whitby Real Estate Agents, now it’s the best time to get in touch with a Whitby Real Estate Agent and start the home search.

Whitby, ON Home Price

After all, Whitby home price is not as low as it was few years back. Back in 2008, you could find a resell home that is only 3 or so year old, full brick on a 38' lot for as low as $300,000. Now for the same price, you cannot even find a townhouse. 1,500 sq feet townhouse cost around $450,000 in Whitby, ON these days at the beginning of 2016. if you are looking to buy your first home in Whitby, ON, you are looking for spend easy $500,000 + for a new or resell home in Whitby. The way new or resell homes price is going up, in few years, a house that was $300k 6 years ago will end up costing 1 million in 10 years form now.

Contact your Whitby Real Estate Agents today and Buy ASAP before pricing goes up any higher

The way price of homes are going higher, it means that increased consumer confidence in the economy is driving the home pricing high. It also means that the trend will continue for the next few years so price of homes will continue to rise. If you need to buy a house in Whitby, ON, then contact your Whitby Real Estate Agents without any further delay.

Whitby, ON Commuting to and from Work

Thinking about the commute? Well, think no more. With 407 ETR being connected to highway 401 (highway of heroes), you can access 407 ETR form any 401 exit./entrance. If you don’t feel like driving, GO transit is there and Ontario Govt. is working on a project to make the GO transit available on a more frequent basis allowing commuters to reach downtown Toronto within 15 minutes from any major town in Durham, ON. So if you are looking for Whitby Real Estate Agents and wondering how to go to work form Whitby, you have the options from highway 401, 407 ETR and GO transit. Not to mention Durham Public Transit that runs along the major roads within the Durham, ON area.

Just the 407 ETR extension and rapid GO transit availability is contributing to the large amount of Eastbound home buying frenzy. Since there is no new projects for any new development in the greater Toronto area, people are moving East for new and fairly new homes that are still within the reach price wise. Whitby public library has a lot of resource on public transportation in and around Whitby, ON.

Every year go by, home price in Whitby, ON seems to take a fairly large hike. More you wait, higher you will pay in the long run. So if you are really looking to buy in the Whitby, ON area, contact your Whitby Real Estate Agents right now.